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Saint Martin Prayer Candle - English Prayer
Saint Martin Prayer Candle - Spanish Prayer
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Saint Martin - 8 inch Prayer Candle

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Color : Purple Wax

Dimensions: 8" height x 2.5" width

What is the depiction of Saint Martin on this 8" Catholic prayer candle?

Saint Martin de Porres stands in a Spanish-style courtyard, a brilliant blue sky behind him. Renowned for his great love and care for all people and all creatures, regardless of wealth, race, age, and status, he is accompanied by two children, a dog, and a bird and mouse who share a bit of food on a plate. The children and dog gaze into the Saint's face while he, in turn, gazes heavenward. Wearing his Dominican habit and a wooden rosary, he holds a crucifix over his heart.

Holding a broom in his right hand, he appears to have been interrupted in the act of sweeping. The broom reminds us of how eagerly Saint Martin sought all kinds of ways to serve. Barred from full membership in the Dominican order because of his illegitimate birth to a freed slave and a Spanish gentleman, he joined the Holy Rosary priory as a servant boy and performed menial tasks for eight years in addition to the skills he had learned as childhood apprentice to a barber and surgeon. The rule against mixed-race ordination was waived for Martin, and he became a Dominican lay brother at 24 years of age. He went on to found an orphanage for abandoned children. He performed miraculous healings and raised dowries for girls in need with amazing speed.

The patron of social justice, barbers, public health workers, and innkeepers, Saint Martin continues to inspire many to devote patient and loving care to those who are ill, needy, neglected, and outcast.

Prayer on the Candle: Oh glorious friar Martin de Porres who, only after your first few years of life, learned to walk in the way of the Lord; always solid in your faith in God and zealous for the glory and salvation of souls, help us to live that same faith, as the children of God that we know we are. I beseech you, implore on our behalf, so that we may imitate your faithfulness. And place within our reach, our own personal mercy, which you know so well, now that you live and reign forever and ever. (state your petition). Amen.

Warning: Burn candle within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Only burn on a heat resistant surface. Stop burning when 1/4" wax remains. Trim wick to 1/4" each time candle is lit.