For the Record

Mary Ann Collins
(A Former Catholic Nun)

December 2004
Revised March 2006


Some people have asked me why I didn’t stay in the Catholic Church. As you will see if you read my articles, the Roman Catholic Church teaches a number of things that are contrary to Scripture. And these teachings are central to Catholicism. They aren’t something peripheral, on the fringes. They are right at the heart of Catholicism. I cannot remain in an institution that is based on teachings that are contrary to what the Bible clearly says.

However, I respect people who stay in the Catholic Church. And I hope that God will bless them where they are. My primary concern is that people know and love Jesus Christ, and have a heart to serve and obey Him. If they do, then God is able to show them where they should go to church. So I leave that matter between them and God.

I have corresponded with many Catholics. I give them historical and doctrinal facts about Catholicism, but they have to decide what to do with that information. If they decide to leave the Catholic Church, it has to be based on their convictions -- not mine.

There are two reasons why I do not attempt to persuade people to leave the Catholic Church.

First is my respect for the fact that God has given people free will. When some of Jesus’ disciples left Him because of a “hard teaching” that He had given, Jesus did not try to persuade the twelve Apostles to remain with Him. He just asked them whether they also wanted to leave. He left them free to make their own decision, with no pressure. (John 6:66-68) I have followed Jesus’ example. I give people information and I trust that God will show them what to do about it.

Second is the fact that we are all personally accountable to God for our own relationship with Him, and for the decisions that we make about Him, our church affiliation, etc. I can give information. If people ask for advice, I can make suggestions. But people have to pray and make their own decisions. I cannot (and will not) take responsibility for someone else’s life.

My website deals with issues involving Catholicism because, with my background as a devout Catholic, and my training and experience as a nun, that is the area that I understand. In addition, over the years I have gained some practical insights about it that have been helpful for some people.

However, I am acutely aware that there are some Protestant churches that have serious problems. For example, I have an elderly friend who has attended the same church for decades. It used to be a solid Christian church, but over the years its teachings have wandered further and further away from what the Bible says. (If you want information about such things, read “Pagans in the Pews” by Peter Jones or “A Time of Departing” by Ray Yungen.)


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