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Saint Barbara Prayer Candle - English Prayer
Saint Barbara Prayer Candle - Spanish Prayer
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Saint Barbara - 8 inch Prayer Candle

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Color : Red Wax

Dimensions: 8" height x 2.5" width

Patron Saint of architects, artillerymen, firemen, mathematicians, miners, tunnellers, chemical engineers, prisoners

What is the depiction of the Saint Barbara candle?

Saint Barbara wears a crown made of bricks, a reminder of the tower where she was imprisoned by her father. Pagan teachers were the only people her father allowed to visit her. Despite her isolation, Saint Barbara was eager to know about the Creator of the world she saw from her three-tower windows, and so she eagerly learned all she could about the Maker of Heaven and Earth. She bravely professed her faith in our Savior with unwavering conviction even though one else around her believed, and though she certainly knew her faith would cost her life. Saint Barbara holds the sword of her martyrdom in her left hand, as her father ordered her humiliated, tortured, and executed for her faith. Barbara had no earthly Christian companions throughout her life, but she was joined in martyrdom by another virtuous woman, Juliana, who was also condemned by her own father. Saint Barbara holds a lighted torch in her right hand as a reminder of the torches that went out when her would-be punishers approached her with them.

Saint Barbara, the patron of architects and mathematicians, also provides comfort and support to any believer who asks for help discerning and upholding God's truth in the face of adversity.

Prayer on the Candle: Oh Lord, keep away the wicked, miserable people who lurk in the shadows seeking to harm me. I look to you, Saint Barbara, to confuse them and remove them from my life. You, the sublime and generous Chrisitan protector, who opens your heart to all good people, intercede with your hearts' blood, to liberate me from those who would interrupt my Christian path. Protect me and save me from all harm. (Concentrate on your petition). Amen.

Warning: Burn candle within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Only burn on a heat resistant surface. Stop burning when 1/4" wax remains. Trim wick to 1/4" each time candle is lit.